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Eric Carlson's Debut Solo Piano Album!

This album has been a journey that began in 1998.  Late at night, while the kids were sleeping in their room above, Eric would sit at the piano and come up with melodies and chord structures, channeling his emotions from the day's events.  Many of these songs are time-tested, having played them at weddings, funerals, church services, and in concert settings.  Some have evolved over the years, while others are exactly the same, note for note.

From the liner notes...

Autumn in Door County was inspired by our many trips up north to visit my dad and Helen. People travel to Door County, WI from afar to enjoy the Fall colors each year. I originally wrote this as a piano/soprano sax duet for my dad and I to play, and if you search for my music on the internet, you'll find a recording of that duet.

Journey Home represents the long road I've been on, with all of its twists and turns, which has brought me to the place where I now am. This song was named by my longtime friend Krista Haney Long.

Moonlight Rain is my tribute to Beethoven, on the occasion of his 250th birthday in December 2020. The minor-key triplet arpeggio pattern mimics his Moonlight Sonata, and similarly, the melody and chord structure creates tension, then releases. This moody and melancholic song is one of my favorites, and was named by one of my fans, Kristy Doughty.

Wishing Well Laurie and Phil (my sister and BIL) shared this song with me around 1990, and I was moved to tears. This beautiful melody, combined with the heart-wrenching lyrics about a little girl whose parents are separated, compels us to question why we don't place more value on our children's emotional health, rather than our own selfish needs.

Dawn of a New Day reminds us that each day we get another chance to begin anew. This song was named by my brother, Doug Keith.

Chorale, a simple and peaceful song, was so named because I could envision a choir singing it.

Waterfall The right hand descending pattern of thirds was at first reminiscent of falling leaves, but I felt Waterfall had a better ring to it. And since it's my song, I can do what I want!

Lost in Paradise is a melancholic song, taking us on a journey of mixed emotions, finally settling on a major chord. This song was named by my good friend, Don Ricchio.

Missing You reflects the emotions felt when thinking of a loved one who has passed, or otherwise no longer in our lives.

Why was yet another of my songs without a name. Around the time I wrote it, a client wanted to record some of his poetry. After recording his recitation, this music fit so well with it, that I decided to give it the same name as his poem.

Twilight Hymn is a hymn-like song with a series of suspended chords which resolve. Like so many hymns, I hope this song brings peace and hope to my listeners.